Ignition Сборник 2001 года

Ignition - это бокс-сет группы Jefferson Airplane, состоящий из 4 CD, который вышел в 2001 году.

Список композиций:

CD 1

  1. Jefferson Airplane Takes Off: Stereo version
  2. Blues from an Airplane (Balin/Spence)
  3. Let Me In (Balin/Kantner)
  4. Bringing Me Down (Balin/Kantner)
  5. It’s No Secret (Balin)
  6. Tobacco Road (Warnick)
  7. Runnin’ ‘Round This World (Balin/Kantner)
  8. Come Up the Years (Balin/Kantner)
  9. Run Around (Balin/Kantner)
  10. Let’s Get Together (Powers)
  11. Don’t Slip Away (Balin/Spence)
  12. Chauffeur Blues (Melrose)
  13. And I Like It (Balin/Kaukonen)
  14. Jefferson Airplane Takes Off: Mono version
  15. Blues from an Airplane (Balin/Spence)
  16. Let Me In (Balin/Kantner)
  17. Bringing Me Down (Balin/Kantner)
  18. It’s No Secret (Balin)
  19. Tobacco Road (Warnick)
  20. Runnin’ ‘Round This World (Balin/Kantner)
  21. Come Up the Years (Balin/Kantner)
  22. Run Around (Balin/Kantner)
  23. Let’s Get Together (Powers)
  24. Don’t Slip Away (Balin/Spence)
  25. Chauffeur Blues (Melrose)
  26. And I Like It (Balin/kaukonen)


CD 2

  1. Surrealistic Pillow: Stereo version
  2. She Has Funny Cars (Balin/Kaukonen)
  3. Somebody to Love (Slick)
  4. My Best Friend (Spence)
  5. Today (Balin/Kantner)
  6. Comin’ Back to Me (Balin)
  7. 3/5 of a Mile in 10 Seconds (Balin)
  8. D.C.B.A. (Kantner)
  9. How Do You Feel (Mastin)
  10. Embryonic Journey (Kaukonen)
  11. White Rabbit (Slick)
  12. Plastic Fantastic Lover (Balin)
  13. Surrealistic Pillow: Mono version
  14. She Has Funny Cars (Balin/Kaukonen)
  15. Somebody to Love (Slick)
  16. My Best Friend (Spence)
  17. Today (Balin/Kantner)
  18. Comin’ Back to Me (Balin)
  19. 3/5 of a Mile in 10 Seconds (Balin)
  20. D.C.B.A. (Kantner)
  21. How Do You Feel (Matin)
  22. Embryonic Journey (Kaukonen)
  23. White Rabbit (Slick)
  24. Plastic Fantastic Lover (Balin)


CD 3

  1. After Bathing At Baxter’s
  2. The Ballad of You & Me & Pooneil (Kantner)
  3. A Small Package of Value Will Come to You Shortly (Blackman/Dryden/Thompson)
  4. Young Girl Sunday Blues (Balin/Kantner)
  5. Martha (Kentner)
  6. Wild Tyme (H) (Kantner)
  7. The Last Will of the Castle (Kaukonen)
  8. Rejoyce (Slick)
  9. Watch Her Ride (Kantner)
  10. Spare Chaynge (Casady/Dryden/Kaukonen)
  11. Two Heads (Slick)
  12. Won’t You Try Saturday Afternoon (Kentner)


CD 4

  1. Crown Of Creation
  2. Lather (Slick)
  3. In Time (Balin/Kantner)
  4. Triad (Crosby)
  5. Star Track (Kaukonen)
  6. Share a Little Joke (Balin)
  7. Chushingura (Dryden)
  8. If You Feel (Balin/Blackman)
  9. Crown of Creation (Kantner)
  10. Ice Cream Phoenix (Cockey/Kaukonen)
  11. Greasy Heart (Slick)
  12. The House at Pooneil Corners (Balin/Kantner)
Предыдущий альбом
Live At The Fillmore East
Следующий альбом
Sweeping Up the Spotlight: Live at the Fillmore East
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