(Paul Kantner)

It's time you walked away and set me free--

I must move away, 'n' leave you be.

It has been good to us my friend,

Wait, and see how it will end.

We come and go as we please.

(Grace: We come and go as we please)

(Paul: That's how it has to be).

Here in this ocean, the near and holy,

Too many days I've left unstoned.

If you don't mind, happiness

Purple pleasure-fields in the sun

Ah don't you know I'm runnin' home

(Grace: Don't you know I'm runnin' home)

(Paul: To a place, for you unknown).

I take great peace in your sitting there(1).

Searching for myself, I find a place there(2).

I see the people of the world,

Where they are and what they could be.

I can but dance behind your smile

(Grace: I can but dance behind your smile)

(Paul: To [the] other world---to me, for a while)

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