Eat Starch Mom

(G. Slick - J. Kaukonen)

He's just an american boy & he loves his machine. No back-talk from a

machine. When was the last time a television set--gave you shit about who

you met last night? No back-talk machine. If your motor doesn't turn over

smooth for you, you don't feed it right.

Give it a little grease--give it a little gas, drive

straight on through the night. Man-made

mechanical mover--love your machine. You say

nothing's right but natural things--

you fool.

Poison oak is a natural plant why don't you

put some in your food.

I don't care if there's chemicals in it

s long as my lettuce is crisp!

Preservatives might just be preserving you,

I think that's something you missed!

Ya you missed it.

Man-made mechanical mover, I love his machine.

He's just an american boy & I love his machine.

Smooth moving steel.

Keep your engine warm & wet

be friendly to your steel.

Feed it right, your mechanical pet

then get behind the wheel.

Put a little statch in the old corvette

then give it a feel.

Smooth moving steel--give it a feel

man-made mechanical mover--it'll move faster than

you can--vegetable lover.

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