Eskimo Blue Day

Snow cuts loose from the frozen

Until it joins with the African sea

In moving it changes its cold and its name

The reason I come and go is the same

Animal game for me

You call it rain

But the human name

Doesn't mean shit to a tree

If you don't mind heat in your river and

Fork tongue talking from me

Swim like an eel fantastic snake

Take my love when it's free

Electric feel with me

You call it loud

But the human crowd

Doesn't mean shit to a tree

Change the strings and notes slide

Change the bridge and string shift down

Shift the notes and bride sings

Fire eating people

Rising toys of the sun

Energy dies without body warm

Icicles ruin your gun

Water my roots the natural thing

Natural spring to the sea

Sulphur springs make my body float

Like a ship made of logs from a tree

Redwoods talk to me

Say it plainly

The human name

Doesn't mean shit to a tree

Snow called water going violent

Damn the end of the stream

Too much cold in one place breaks

That's why you might know what I mean

Consider how small you are

Compared to your scream

The human dream

Doesn't mean shit to a tree

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