I know they say, someday, time will show me.

How to be, so cool, someday.

But what about right now.

Please, someone tell me, what do I do while I'm waiting.

Waiting to be so, so cool, someday

I know I'm not alone, you know just how I feel.

We both know the rules

But who really knows how to play this game?

No one will always win, good losers hide the pain.

They say everything's fine

No one will hear them complain

But behind those smiles, so much purple rain

It's a wonder anybody ever, comes out sane but they do

And freedom it's all, up to you

When you're by yourself you get that,

Silent noise inside your mind all the

Party boys trying to fill up all the

Empty holes don't let one be her soul

Freedom now you're on your own

Freedom or does it really mean you're just all alone

Freedom either way it's gonna take you home

It just, takes you by the hand

And says now it's, time to grow

So my friend you're gonna be alright

Seems like it's, all uphill

But then that's the, only way to get high

Someday your soul is gonna fly

Don't look back, That's a, waste of time

Right now's the time for you to

Look inside and you'll see love

Oh love has never gone away, no

Freedom I've been standing still so long

Freedom I almost forgot you had a song

Freedom shine your light and let us begin

Just, take me in our arms, I wanna be, free again


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