Let Me In

Oh let me in I wanna be there

You shut your door

Now it ain't there

Without a word to me

Without a look at me

You turned me down without a care

Oh let me in

Hear what I'm, talking about

I gotta get in

But you keep putting me out

Without a call to me

Without a love for me

You don't even know if there is

One gram of doubt

Oh let me in baby

You're driving me crazy

Your playing games in my mind

Oh let me in honey

Don't tell me it's so funny

I didn't know that you could

Be that unkind


Oh let me in

You know I, want only you

I don't want to be told

by you what to do

Without a care for me

Without a love for me

Who's gonna talk for me

Who's gonna speak for me

You walked away for something

That you knew

Thank's for nothing

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