Long John Silver

(G. Slick - J. Casady)

Long John Silver ring in his ear he's the hero, make that clear

does the same thing his father did sailing around the

Caribbean robing king with his talking parrot this time I

think he's on the high side

scabs are forming, scraped his knee guards are warning, a

bad man is free

he's like electric clock that needs no winding keeps the time

without your hands western feet need no binding take a

barefoot run through old Japan he's seen a thousand

countries, they're all the same some men crazy - some men

sane but all men are ruled by a flag or a game he knows

nobody's got you if you don't sign your name

Long John Silver serves no king no land holds him--that's

why he feels like singing every country now & then roars

like Irish--drunk & singing every monk will now & then call

his men to hear the wenches night bells ringing

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