Plastic Fantastic Lover

Her neon mouth with the blinkers-off smile

Nothing but an electric sign

You could say she has an individual style

She's part of a colorful time

Secrecy of lady-chrome-covered clothes

You wear cause you have no other

But I suppose no one knows

You're my plastic fantastic lover

Her rattlin' cough never shuts off

Is nothin' but a used machine

Her aluminum finish, slightly diminished

Is the best I ever have seen

Cosmetic baby plugged into me

I'd never ever find another

I realize no one's wise

To my plastic fantastic lover

The electrical dust is starting to rust

Her trapezoid thermometer taste

All the red tape is mechanical rape

Of the TV program waste

Data control and IBM

Science is mankind's brother

But all I see is drainin' me

On my plastic fantastic lover


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