A Small Package Of Value Will Come To You Shortly


Well if we really wanna make it

Really wanna make it, I wanna make it man

Straight ahead all the way you guys

I don't care how dirty you guys get

It doesn't make any difference

Oh fudge, ah well, fudge

Ah Barnum gee whiz rag mop

You know gosh all whillickers

Under the wedding ring I feel a what's that

Finger finger hoo hah hoo hah are you married

Fu fu fudge, hyuh hyuh hyuh rag mop

Hoo wha hoo you do it, I do it, who do it, where do it

Do it do it do it do it do it do it do it

Folks we've been in the business for 20 years

And I've never had a heart attack

You're my friends I want you to know that

Stick it stick it time time time

Take your money sign to clarify that

Ahhh! Ahh! Er ahhh!

Would you believe New York is an island rragh!

(instrumental break)

The Honorable Hawaii sinking

Shi fah fah shuh-hoo-oo-whiss!

Yes what is it

I've been at school you see try try try

Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii

Bok! Bok! Bok! Bok!

The difference to get in though

Not that it makes any difference fah shoo

Uh New York's uh sinking

How old are you little girl

Fudge fudge ay yi the thing is

Nay nay uh! Ca-no-no yes but

Uh-uh-uh Ca-nay-nay ba-no-no

Fah-oo ah Going! Going!

Goh! Goh! Goh! Goh!

No man is an island! Do it do it do it do it

No man is an island!

He's a peninsula


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