People of the world, together.

Join to serve the common cause.

So it feeds us, all forever.

See to it that it's now yours.

Forward without forgetting.

Where our strength can be seen now to be

When starving, or when eating

It's forward, not forgetting, our solidarity.



Black or white or brown or yellow

Leave your old disputes behind

Once you start talking to your fellow

Men you'll soon be of one mind

If we want to make this certain

We'll need you and your support

It's yourselves, you'll be deserting

If you rat on your own sort

So Forward, without forgetting

Where our strenght can be seen now to be

When starving or when eating

It's forward, not forgetting, our solidarity

All the gang of those who rule us

Hope our quarrels never stop

Helping them to split and fool us

Just so they can remain on the top

Forward without forgetting

'Til the concrete question is hurled

When Starving or when eating

Whose tomorrow (Whose tomorrow)

Is tomorrow (Is tomorrow)

And whose world

Is the world






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