A Song For All Seasons

Well the word was out on the street today

All the friends that I'd met would have to say

While your records line the shelves

You're fighting amongst yourselves

That's a hell of a lot of dues for you to pay

Well the word my friend you know is on the street

It's on the lips of everyone I meet

While you're climbin up the chart

Your band just fell apart

I guess your life just ain't really that complete

You know your car with which I was impressed

Well I hear that it's gonna be repossessed

Well I thought you had it made

But you ain't even paid

For the things that you've bought

Since the acid test

I hear you manager skipped town with all your pay

And your lead singer's bulge turns the censors grey

Wall that's really a doggone shame

But who's there left to blame

And all you ever really wanted was just to play

They say your drummer he's crazy as a loon

Last night they found him baying at the moon

As as for your lead guitar

He just cracked up his car

But he should be out of traction very soon

Well my friend it's time for me to go

I just can't be late for my evening show

You see I've written this tune

And I hope that very soon

I'll be heard on Top 40 radio

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