Star Trek

(Paul Kantner)

If your head spins round try to see the ground if you can

My busy eyes missed her path through the air as she ran

My sensory mind is too old to cry

Not ready to live and too strange to die

So stop your doubt push the world on by

With your hand

It takes time to love and open minds to love

And who's got time on their hands

Well life can be hard when you're holes in a card

In some electronic hand

You'll wander around from place to place

Disappear without a trace

And someone else will take your place

In line

You can fool your friends about the way it ends

But you can't fool yourself

Take your head in hand and make your own demands

Or you'll crystallize on the shelf

The freeway's concrete way won't show

You where to run or how to go

And running fast you'll go down slow in the end

Running fast you'll go down slow in the end

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