In Time

Long time since I climbed down this mountain before

Things I've seen here make me want to go running home

Lean close put your lips next to my face

Look further on past the surface

Orange, blue, red & green

Are the colors of what I feel

And my mind y'know it starts to reel in time

To know your flesh layin' by my skin

And I wonder whenever I'm in

Warm, soft, nice & now

Are the word things of what I know

And my body y'know it's so in time

I see you at the same place that I play

Ah darlin' tell me what can I say

Dance, sing, sleep& dream

Is the music of what I feel

Among the many things whenever you're near in time

Come with me my friend

Come on now and take my hand

You can be my friend

Soon be in another country

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