I feel like pleasing you

more than before


I know what I want to do

but I don't know what for

To be living for you is all that I

want to do

To be loving you -- it will all be there when my dreams come true


you make me say that I

somehow have changed


you look into my eyes,

they're just not the same

To be any more than all I am

would be a lie

I'm so full of love

I could burst apart and start to cry


everything you want, I swear,

it all will come true


I realize how much I'm in love with you

With you standing there I could

tell the world what it means to love

To go on from here, I can't use words -- they don't say enough

Please, please, listen to me --

it's taken so long to come true

And it's all for you, all for you

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