Young Girl Sunday Blues


In my heart I have a feeling, and I don't know what I'm gonna do;

Oh, what a beautiful world, the world, what should I do? What should I do?

Don't you know what I have found? Maybe you've found it too;

Today is made up of yesterday and tomorrow,

Young girl Sunday blues and all her sorrow.

One side of me is filled with brightness, no matter what I might say;

The days are made with waterfall colors, couldn't I make you stay?

If rain slides the sides of my face must be a rainy day;

But I get lost in yesterday and tomorrow, tomorrow,

Young girl Sunday blues and all her sorrow.

I walk beside you laughing and I'm high, don't try to touch me with words;

When I tell you I dream it might seem like silence, but so much can be heard;

I think of things, what loving you brings, maybe my thing is her;

Today is made of yesterday and tomorrow

Young girl Sunday blues, and all her sorrow;

Ah! come into my mind, let yourself wander free and easy;

Ah! come into my life, Sunday blues girl, young and new girl,

You're the only true girl here can please me

I said, "Please me, yeah! Please me! Please me! Please me!"

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